Who and What is the Happy Warrior

The Happy Warrior is the title of a poem... and yes, I love this poem. I do not wish to be mischaracterized, for the most part poetry is not my bag. I am not an afficionado of literature nor am I a metro-sexual (I despise that term) but a dear friend introduced me to this masterpiece of prose several years ago... it has provided no end of inspiration. The Happy Warrior by William Wordsworth outlines the qualities of a magnificent soul. I aspire to possess even one or two characteristics that "every man in arms should wish to be."

This blog is a representation, in conversational form, of my voyage to wrap my arms around the world in which Mr. Worsdworth's warrior finds happiness.

(Standing disclaimer: Luckily tests of spelling accuracy ended in 4th grade otherwise I would still be in Elementary School. Be forewarned, spelling errors ahead. I subscribe to the wisdom of a great man who said, "I have utmost disdain for a man who can only spell a word one way." -Benjamin Franklin)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wacky Wednesday: What's your family tradition?

I know that every family has their own traditions...  The Wicke family has its own share of craziness (including a National Park recycling program that was years ahead of its time, honey harvesting, Thomas Day celebration, etc.) but we do try to respect that fine line that separates innocent participation in Renaissance festivals and genuine mental imbalance.  Looks like someone crossed the line and should set aside some money for the eventual and inevitable therapy required by the younger generation (she doesn't look exactly thrilled to be participating... it was fun at 4 years of age but children start to become self aware at about 9 or 10):

Thursday, March 10, 2011

You are what you eat....

It would appear that the saying "you are what you eat" has as much applicability to our sensory and behavioral diet (and I would argue, our moral diet) as it does our gastrointestinal constitution.  Eat garbage and our bodies will eventually be garbage.  Watch garbage and our behavior will eventually be likewise trashy.  It is funny but the Judeo-Christian religious orientation to appropriate behavior and elevated character has long held this very position.  Looks like science has finally caught up.  Here is a news write up of the "discovery" or "findings":

What you watch is what you do

A new analysis of more than 25 years of research has shown that exposure via the media to activities such as street racing, binge drinking and unprotected sex is linked to risk-taking behaviors and attitudes.

The connection between risk taking and risk-glorifying media – such as video games, movies, advertising, television and music – was found across differing research methods, media formats and various forms of risky behaviors, according to an article published in a journal.

The effects are likely to occur both short- and long-term, while increased exposure is likely to be associated with increased risk taking, according to the study's lead author, Peter Fischer, a psychology professor at the University of Regensburg in Germany.

Really?  I am shocked!  Watching risky behavior actually normalizes such behavior in the "real world".  No, how could that be?  Actually I'm surprised that behaviors such as street racing, binge drinking and unprotected sex have not been politically corrected out of the realm of "risk behaviors".  Although don't think I did not notice the careful avoidance of "pre-marital or extra-marital sex" while identifying the more PC practice of "unprotected sex".  I submit that there are many married couples engaging in unprotected sex whose behavior is the opposite of "risky" while there are thousands of single mother's who, because of pre-marital sex, now find themselves and their babies facing a life defined by risk of economic, academic, social and health ruin.  It is not "unprotected sex" that carries such high risks but a cavalier social concept of sex as a recreational and inconsequential past-time (completely unconnected to any form of a committed long term relationship) that is not only risky but psychologically, socially and economically ruinous.  And yet, getting back to the main point of the research above, this conception of sex proliferates every form of media in contemporary society.  Try watching a motion picture or an evening of sit coms without this type of relationship being positively and prolifically promoted.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wacky Wednesday.... too long in coming

After a long absence from blogging there is no easier way to try and ease back into the groove than with the help of a Wacky Wednesday picture. 
  I am a student of human behavior and can usually ascertain some plausible reason behind most actions... but there are some things that defy all rational explanation...  What was it exactly that convinced this happy couple that this would be a good snapshot to preserve for posterity (and now in the age of technology, for all the world to see).  I don't know if it is a bra-bareing pregnant woman or the strange mosaic involving gigantic pink flowers or the fact that some form of matial arts are so fundamental to this couple that it compelled them to have a portrait taken in their uniforms.... perhaps it is a combination of all these elements  (flowers, pregnancy, bare bra-ed woman and karate... how do these possibly intersect).  I give up.  I have no workable theory to offer here.  In such cases I recommend unbridled laughter.  Enjoy: