Who and What is the Happy Warrior

The Happy Warrior is the title of a poem... and yes, I love this poem. I do not wish to be mischaracterized, for the most part poetry is not my bag. I am not an afficionado of literature nor am I a metro-sexual (I despise that term) but a dear friend introduced me to this masterpiece of prose several years ago... it has provided no end of inspiration. The Happy Warrior by William Wordsworth outlines the qualities of a magnificent soul. I aspire to possess even one or two characteristics that "every man in arms should wish to be."

This blog is a representation, in conversational form, of my voyage to wrap my arms around the world in which Mr. Worsdworth's warrior finds happiness.

(Standing disclaimer: Luckily tests of spelling accuracy ended in 4th grade otherwise I would still be in Elementary School. Be forewarned, spelling errors ahead. I subscribe to the wisdom of a great man who said, "I have utmost disdain for a man who can only spell a word one way." -Benjamin Franklin)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Day of Infamy

Only time will tell who is on the right side of this issue. The reason I believe the health care bill recently passed by the US Senate (and almost certain to become law) is so onerous, so devastating as to merit comparison with the day Pearl Harbor fell under attack and plunged our country into the darkness of a world war -the reason for this comparison is because I believe this bill will just as negatively affect America. I believe that in another quarter century we will be in the throws of bankruptcy and the government of the United States will be in danger of collapse, mirroring the Soviet Union's demise in the last quarter century.

Here are a few reasons why I am in morning and deeply lament this piece of legislation:
1. it increases the power of the federal government to dictate in citizen's personal affairs.
2. it increases taxes (doesn't the government claim/take enough of the citizen's labor already?)
3. it reduces incentives for individuals to take responsibility of their own lives
4. it increases individual dependency on the government
5. there was no support by the opposition party (not 1 republican voted for it). For a law that will have such immense impact on the lives of the citizenry, to pass in such a polarized manner is dangerous. While it may technically qualify as a democratic process, nearly half of the citizens are having a law to which they disagree imposed upon them. This degree of political divide over a law has not happened since the Civil War.
6. very few of our political representatives have even read the entire bill.
7. the law does not uniformly apply to all citizens and states (what quallifies Nebraska for certain exemptions and not the other 49 states -except to "buy" the vote of its Senator? Fruthermore, what is so onerous as to make the exemption so valuable... but the rest of the states are subject to the full extent of the law).
8. there was no transparency in this legislation, no period of contemplation.
9. unintended consequences have not been fully (or even summarily) considered.
10. there is no tort reform or other obvious health care reform elements in the law.
11. we have abandoned capitalism or a government mandated fix. Capitalism has been the engine of innovation, national wealth, prosperity and general lifestyle improvement that lifted the US from a fledgling country into a superpower during the 19th and 20th centuries... now we are going to abandon that strategy... why? And we are going to adopt a strategy employed by mediocre and faltering countries... why?
12. our elected officials have arrogantly dismissed the proponderance of public opinion on this issue.

Poorly designed and rashly enacted policies have proven debilative to national progress and injurious to individual citizens. This is one lesson of history every representative should have stamped on their forehead. It is not relagated to republican or democrat, it is endemic in our system of government. But this law far exceeds this danger. It threatens our future fiscal wellbeing (who really thinks we've accomplished sustainability and somehow created a better system than medicare, the post office or any other program with nationwide reach), creates dependency on the government for personal decisions and establishes a preference for social/government mandate over solutions provided by the FREE market of competing ideas.

The grave of classic America is dug and the corpse of the "great experiment" is about to be laid to rest. The greatest tradgey in this story is that none of our historic enemies -not England, Germany, the Soviet Union, communism or radical Islam- killed this remarkable creature, we killed ourselves.


  1. I can smell the rot of American society already! Why do I feel bound and chained to the political power of our legislatures who are not voting for the good of the majority of this country. Perhaps it is time to move to Nebraska, the high and mighty state that, because of political arrogance and bullying, gets more than the rest of the other 49. Taps is playing in the background louder and louder!

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